Re: Travel imaging dry run #Mach2GTO


Red filter for the laptop?

Are you using any networking?  If so test with the Internet gateway “off line”.     

I presume you are going with 12v for the mount.  I ran into issues with 12v instead of 24v , but that was with a heavy load.  My li-ion supply has a 120v sine wave inverter.

Where did you get your mount case?  (I presume it is the black case that is open.).  Is it much bigger than the cardboard box the mount sips in?



On Aug 17, 2022, at 10:07 AM, KHursh via <khursh@...> wrote:

I am situated here an hour north of San Francisco and in lovely (not) Bortle 6 skies and have decided to take a 30 minute drive to Bortle 3 skies. I have taken telescopes on road trips before, but never imaging. 
I have acquired cases for everything and have a Li ion power bank that I have tested with my set up. 
I think I am ready to go.
What am I missing?IMG_2032.JPGIMG_2034.JPG

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