Re: Custom Tracking Rate woes


Thanks, that helps. The Custom RA rate is 1/3600'th of an hour of Right Ascension per Sidereal second (as an offset to the 'normal' Sidereal tracking rate), and not 1/3600th of a degree of Right Ascension per Sidereal second.

So, if an object has RA1 (in hrs) at time T1 (in seconds), and moves to RA2 (in hrs) at time T2 (in seconds), then the rate I should enter is:

Cust RA = (RA2 - RA1) hr × (3600.0 sec / hr) × (0.9972695677 sec / Sidereal second) / (T2 - T1) sec = xxxx sec / Sidereal second


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