Re: Updated USBserial Utilities now on the AP website.


Hi Karsten

I have a GTOCP4 as well, and had the same error. I believe in an earlier post they mentioned that particular update is not for our model (maybe for the GTOCP5?)

On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 6:58 PM Karsten Schindler <karstenschindler@...> wrote:
Hello Howard,

I updated our 3600GTO's GTOCP4 earlier today from VCP4-P02-08 to VCP4-P02-15 using the USB/Serial Utilities Tool (VSU-08). Loading both firmware files (VCPx-P02-15.pt2 / .pt1) was successful, but the WiFi module failed to initialize after the update. To be fair, we never used the WiFi hotspot and the mount initializes and works just fine, confirming it is running VCP4-P02-15. Just providing feedback and/or wondering what happened, or if I should attempt another "classic" firmware load via ethernet? Screenshot attached.


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