Re: Mach2GTO counterweight shaft stuck midway #Mach2GTO

Carl Björk

Hi Tan, ( <-- I hope I got this right :') )

Seizing and cold welding are very different things.

Yes seizing is common, but to me it is with any metal, not just steel.
The lower the thread pitch is and the higher the diameter is the more likely it is to seize.
IMHO, assembly of metals is more complex than you think, it involves friction, dilation, wear, ...

I might be wrong, but I believe my situation is due to some sort of manufacturing defect. Perhaps tolerance issues with the insert.
There are many reasons for this to be possible to happen. And I am not interested into finding out what they are, what counts for me is having a working mount.

And boy, the support has been absolutely excellent and what mount did I choose, a Mach2, it is frustrating to wait, but in a way not so much:
I know I am gonna have THE mount. so that's what counts for me ;-)

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