Re: Using APCC to guide on a sunspot


Hi Eric

not directly related to APCC, but I was just looking at this thread on Sharpcap last night regarding tracking sunspots

On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 9:03 AM Eric Coles <eric@...> wrote:
I am trying out APCC to guide on sunspots for my solar imaging. Up to now, I just used polar alignment and GOTO to find the sun and the ASCOM controller to navigate. Once on a sunspot, I again use the ASCOM interface to keep it steady. Even with good polar alignment, the position of the sunspots moves in the frame and requires frequent repositioning.

It was suggested that I use APCC and the Horizon ephemerides as a guiding tool instead. I got the trial license and set it up as best I could with guidance from George. I downloaded the ephemerides for a day from JPL, loaded it into Horizons and set it to track. Even then, it doesn't seem to track any better than just polar alignment. I assume I am doing something wrong.

Does anyone have specific experience in using APCC to track the sun, and specifically sunspots. I am using a 5 M folded refractor with either a QHY 178 or QHY 174 camera.

Any help would be appreciated.


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