Re: Mach2GTO counterweight shaft stuck midway #Mach2GTO

Cheng-Yang Tan

Personally, I think it's just messy to use anti-seize and lube on a counterweight shaft which I've never used before the improvement with steel inserts. The root of the problem is stainless steel on stainless steel that can give cold welds (The seizing of Stainless Steel fasteners | Fabory). This is a well known problem. I'd suggest that the insert material be changed from stainless steel to perhaps bronze to alleviate this problem.


On Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 10:41:52 AM CDT, Mike Johnson <mljjaj@...> wrote:

I use a dab of anti seize compound on the threads to prevent this situation. Available at any auto parts store. I also use it on spark plug threads when changing the plugs on an auto or marine engine.

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