Custom Tracking Rate woes


Hi, can someone please confirm the units of the Cust RA and Cust DEC rates in the AP v2 ASCOM Driver? I've read the help file but can't seem to make the mount move in the way I'm expecting it to move based upon the values I type into the panel.

Let's do this by way of example. Imagine a comet at RA = 12:00:00 (hours), DEC = +60 00 00 (degrees) moves to RA = 12:00:01, DEC = +60 00 01 exactly one second later.

Is the RA rate to type into the panel: (a) 1.0000, (b) 1 x 15 = 15.0000, or (c) 1 x 15 x cos(60) = 7.5000?

I'm pretty sure the DEC rate for this example would be 1.0000, but please confirm.


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