Re: ap-1600 in Alt-AZ setup

Benoit Schillings

Ok, looks like nobody has done this. I will opensource on github, kind
of an interesting example on how to setup a proxy for the mount using

-- benoit

On Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 12:47 PM Benoit Schillings
<benoit.schillings@...> wrote:

I do see that my ap-1600 has the ability to be set in Alt-Az mode, I
do have an application which needs this and was wondering if anybody
wrote the software to control the mode in that setting, meaning
adjusting the drive rate to get sideral tracking (yes, with field

Before I start having too much code writing this (I was thinking of
having a mount emulator connected by tcp-ip to thesky and mapping the
command to the real mount driver using the rs-232 command set) did
anybody ever wrote this ?

-- benoit

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