Re: Mach2GTO counterweight shaft stuck midway #Mach2GTO

Yves Laroche

Put the whole shaft + insert a couple of hours into the freezer.  After just heat the insert and you should be able to get parts apart.  I recommend you to wear tick rubber glove to get the highest grip.  


Le 8 août 2022 14 h 16, Carl Björk <carl.bjork@...> a écrit :
Many thanks for your feedback, I will try using my propane torch lightly (it is the only thing I have).

I tried penetrating oil better than WD40, still penetrating as we speak, had a few unsuccessful attempts just before.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at 08:08 PM, Manusfisch wrote:
Yes used direct heat with high output solder gun, more controlled than propane torch, strap wrench did not melt. I then applied Barricade ( used for years on my firearms) or Blue Creeper afterwards. Try to avoid wd40, mostly kerosene, made for water displacement (WD) not best lubricant. A soft graphite pencil run across the threads (I use a #2 pencil) works great also and is dry direct application . 

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