Re: IC 5070 - Pelican Nebula

Roland Christen

Very nice.


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Monday night had good "seeing" though transparency wasn't great with typical summer haze.  Even the summer Milky Way was hard to see.  I got 25 360s images of the Pelican Nebula through a combined Ha/OIII L-Extreme filter.  Unfortunately the Pelican is virtually all hydrogen and certainly not as photogenic as the Veil nebula.  Oh well.  I've planned out a 4-panel mosaic of the complete east/west Veil but unfortunately I can't image tonight as I'm about to drive to Richmond RIC to pick up my daughter and family for a 10-day visit.   I'm hoping to get the Veil mosaic before it moves off to the west if I can get two good nights.  

IC 5070 - Pelican Nebula

Roland Christen

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