Re: I cannot connect the AP V2 driver using APCC #APCC #Mach2GTO

Ray Gralak

Hi Marcelo,

Since a few days ago, when in APCC I click the connect driver button nothing happens (and sometimes APCC
freezes and I have to do a forced quit). Now if after connecting the mount in APCC I go to SGP and connect the
mount from there, it launches the driver correctly and everything works fine.
I doubt this has anything to do with the firmware or the driver would not connect with SGPro. There was likely a popup message hidden behind another window that you didn't notice. This would make APCC appear unresponsive.

Killing APCC through task manager runs the risk of corrupting its settings file, which may have happened already. You might try restoring settings from an earlier date from APCC's backups folder.

To load a backup, disconnect APCC from the mount, then in APCC's file menu click, "Load Settings...". Then in the dialog box, navigate to this folder and pick a backup file from this folder:


Each backup's filename has a date in its filename so you can choose an appropriate date to restore settings.


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