I cannot connect the AP V2 driver using APCC #APCC #Mach2GTO

Marcelo Figueroa

The procedure I have always used to connect my Mach 2 is as follows: Launch APCC, connect the mount and then connect the AP V2 driver. Afterwards I go to my imaging program (SGP) and connect everything, so far it always worked.
Since a few days ago, when in APCC I click the connect driver button nothing happens (and sometimes APCC freezes and I have to do a forced quit). Now if after connecting the mount in APCC I go to SGP and connect the mount from there, it launches the driver correctly and everything works fine.
The only change made recently is the GTOCP5 firmware upgrade, does it have something to do with this? 
The APCC and driver versions are the latest available.

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