Re: mDNS in the new CP firmware

Dale Ghent

Ah! I never noticed the magnifying glass. It never really registered as a place that would show the hostnames it found. Modally, I guess I expected them to be listed in a combox UI widget for the Hostname/IP field.

The service discovery portion should be easy to implement. You should define a unique name for your protocol and publish SRV records for it, for both UDP and TCP, as well as a record for the HTTP service. This would let you change ports and whatnot independently of any client having to keep track of that specific knowledge.

Either way, this is far far better than trying to locate CPs by ping sweeping the subnet, and mDNS can be reflected across subnets as well, so the discovery can extend beyond them if the site does that.

On Jul 25, 2022, at 16:47, Mike Hanson <mikeh@...> wrote:

Hi Dale,

Thanks for noticing. FWIW, APCC can "find" CP4s and CP5's. See below. If UDP or TCP is checked, you can click the magnifying glass, which will perform auto-discovery. A List of reachable AP hosts will be displayed, click on the one you want, and click "Select". There's a checkbox to tell it to use the IP address. Leaving this unchecked will make it use the hostname. There are updates to the CP4 and CP5 manuals that will described this in more detail. Admittedly, auto-discovery is not the same as service discovery. For example, APCC needs to know the port numbers. However, it accomplishes a similar purpose for the usage domain you describe.



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