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Bill Long

Very interesting info! Thanks for the explanation. 

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On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 12:13 PM, Roland Christen wrote:
Direct lightning strike of course will vaporize everything, and will probably melt the metal parts of the mount. At that point you collect the insurance and get on with life.
When it comes to nearby lightning strikes, all input ports of the CP controllers for long cables (USB, Ethernet, RS232 etc) have lightning protection.
In order to pass the FCC and CE requirements, one of the tests that the CP4/5 had to withstand was repeated 10 kilovolt discharges on all the input ports. The lightning protection on the inputs does work in the field to protect against induced voltages from nearby lightning. According to Mike, we have had several instances where a nearby lightning strike has damaged devices (computers, laptops, cameras, etc) that were connected to the AP mount controller, but in each case the CP controllers were not damaged. Customers will send them in to have them inspected for damage after such scenarios, but the controllers work just fine. The laptops on the other hand were toast.
Really interesting and informative post Roland.  Thank you.

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