Re: Mach2 USB

Sébastien Doré

That would depend on your camera. Some bin on the FPGA, after readout (but still in-camera), so you get the 4x size reduction (for 2x2 binning) before the image reaches the datalink (USB).

But I think the QHY/ASI do it in the SDK (on the computer) as Dale mentioned.

In that case, it’s not the download that would be slower per say but the additional pre-processing step required before you get the image would indeed add a bit of delay, though barely noticeable (depending on your PC horsepower) as you pointed out.


Le 24 juill. 2022 à 23:47, Nick Iversen <inoddy@...> a écrit :

So that means that binning 2x2 means that image downloads will be slower than 1x1. Unintuitive. probably not noticeable in practice because downloads are saved to disk and that's going to be faster for 2x2.

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