Re: Second UPDATE video on the nPAE Ruby Turret from last week

Harley Davidson

Interesting, thanks so much for your feedback Tom!


On 7/23/2022 3:11 PM, DFisch wrote:


Toni I had a far different experience with NPAE, Mine arrived well packed and in pristine condition. The nose piece is a little thicker than what yours was measured at. I had no scratches and no loose screws. My click stop was a bit stiffer than yours. However I only use plossls and Ortho‘s for my observations when I put a turret on. I am a bit of a turret slut and have several. My first was a VanSlyke rotator and it is a beast. My favorites are the TEC turret and the new design TAK turret for simplicity and design TEC a little weaker on holding power of EP’s, at least mine.  Tom Fischer, indy

Thanks for your diligence and review , 

On Sat, Jul 23, 2022 at 10:30 Harley Davidson <astrocnc@...> wrote:

Hey guys. Thought you may want an update on my initial review of this turret from last week. Very interesting what/who they said the problem was. Full documentation and another tester review


with smaller eyepieces. And a surprise turret enters...

ALSO, a video review comparing the Takahashi eyepiece turret vs nPAE eyepiece turret. Lots of closeups.

thanks  tony

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