Re: Mach2 USB

Dale Ghent

On Jul 23, 2022, at 12:07, ap@... <ap@...> wrote:

NINA will start the next exposure before it renders the current to the display. I do not THINK it can start the next exposure until the file has downloaded. So if (making up numbers) the download on USB2 took 8 seconds instead of 1-2, that would add 6 seconds to the gap between exposures? Is that right? Hardly a major concern though it adds up to a few exposures over night.
What you think is correct - from an app's perspective, cameras can do only one thing at a time. The image has to be downloaded before the command to start the next exposure can be given. But, on CMOS cameras, this isn't what is necessarily happening onboard the camera itself at the FPGA+sensor level. What's happening there depends on several factors. The sensor can be in a constant readout mode and when the command comes in to start an exposure, the last frame that was read out gets sent. These are all black boxes, though, so you can never really tell what a given vendor is doing and under what circumstances.


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