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Dale Ghent

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Le 20 juill. 2022 à 17:19, Dale Ghent <daleg@...> a écrit :

mini- and micro-USB connectors are absolute trash and should never be used.
I don’t get why people keep saying USB connectors are bad/trash. Not that I particularly like them myself but, that is simply not true.

They were designed for specific applications and they did pretty well at that: low power battery charging, low throughput peripheral connectivity, flash drive interface, etc. The real problem is that device manufacturers keep using them in applications they were not designed for. So as far as I’m concerned the shame is on them.
Yeah, I'll give you that, there. It's not so much the fault of their design but rather the use cases they're being shoehorned into.

An inordinate amount of my abject ire towards micro, and mini-USB connectors especially, come from its use in popular-for-astroimaging DSLR models. I'm talking about the Canon Rebels and other 2008-2018 (or so) models that use the mini-USB B type connector. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen someone's session ruined after a merdian flip cased that connector to become dislodged and drop the camera connection to the app, I might be able to quit my day job. Ok, a bit hyperbolic but, still, it's always a prime suspect in whenever someone with a DSLR pops up with such a complaint. My advice is to secure the cable to the camera body somehow and move on.

Micro-USB connectors are just so objectively fragile. There is almost zero structural rigidity to them and they're definitely one cable wrapping around the mount away from being snapped or ripped apart.

USB-C is better in that it has far better structural rigidity compared to those two but any small connector isn't going to be perfect. I'm betting this is why Apple is stubbornly sticking to Lightning connectors for iPhones - it's just a small, thick slab of metal with contacts on an embedded plastic carrier that does not take any mechanical load. There's no housing on the male side to get bent up or pulled apart, and it has detents on the side so that a reasonably firm mating is kept. On top of that, it's unkeyed, so you can insert it in either orientation. It's probably one of the best small connector designs I've come across.


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