Re: Mach2GTO-L cross-threading cw shaft? #Mach2GTO

Harley Davidson

VERY nice Ted!


On 7/23/2022 3:05 PM, Ted Moss wrote:

(Follow Up)- I communicated with George Whitney from Astro-Physics where upon he arrived at an immediate temporary solution and then final resolvent.

1)      Within a two-day turnaround- Astro-Physics sent a custom 1.875 Diameter shaft, 3.5” long

2)      This would screw in the mount’s internal threaded counter weight receptacle.

3)      Then, I was able to thread on the original counter weight shaft to the 3.5” adapter.

4)      Problem was solved by an elegant solution

5)      Astro-Physics will send me a corrected normal counter weight shaft when production run finishes.

6)      What can one say but the obvious…Astro-Physics takes care of their clients/customers with their incredible professional response. George was very responsive to my emails, and with a two day turn-around for shipping a temporary fix….I am able to enjoy this weekend…new moon. Touché – Astro-Physics! A deep hearted “Thank You!” and much gratitude! Respectively, the other George.

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