GTOCP5 wont connect to home wifi


Hi folks, I am unable to get my GTOCP5 on my home wifi network. I am able to connect via direct ethernet and even could connect via direct wifi access point. Just that I cannot get it to join my home network. I have a nest/google wifi mesh. Software Version: VCP5-P02-11

Few things I notice
  1. My home wifi SSID doesn't show up in the list of available networks, even after re-scanning. The home network is not hidden, and every other device in the house can see it.
  2. If I manually enter the SSID and password and connect, it connects giving the message below. But within a second it disconnects.
  3. From my router's software (google home) I do see the GTOCP5 on my home network connected via 2.4Ghz with an IP assigned. However the GTOCP5 home page shows no IP, nor can I get to the homepage using that IP. Only can get to it via direct ethernet.
  4. Cannot see any IP address (other than the ethernet one) in APCC Pro when using the find button.
  5. The CP5 also doesn't revert back to access point when it can't seem to connect

After manually entering SSID / password:

The connect button changes to initializing, then to disconnect and then back to connect within a few seconds.

Homepage shows no IP whatsoever for wifi, nor is accessible using the IP assigned by the router (192.168.x.x)

Configured to revert to access point

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks!

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