Re: [ap-ug] My latest review - nPAE Precision Astro Engineering 1.25 Ruby Turret

Pete Lardizabal

Thanks for the review Tony!

Sorry to hear about the issues and hope your able to sort out the refund. TEC had a turret years ago… may be offering one in the future according to the link below. 

Take Care,


On Jul 10, 2022, at 11:49 AM, Harley Davidson <astrocnc@...> wrote:

 Oops, forgot the link:

This newest video of mine is for the guys on the AP forum that still use eyepieces (all three of us). I did a comprehensive look at the 1.25" Ruby Turret from nPAE Precision Astro Engineering. It starts from a box opening which I am so glad I did for proof. I really had high hopes for this and my review went in areas I never thought I would need to. You know it's serious when I had to get out my digital Mitutoyo 1" to 2" micrometers :)  I always try to be very thorough with my reviews on my YouTube channel. Sometimes things aren't always what I wanted and hoped for. Has anyone from this forum had the issues I show if you own one? This is a long review but I thought it needed to be.


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