Another failed meridian post - APCC, SGP and AP900 Mount

John Kazanas

Hi guys,

Seem to be experiencing some ongoing issues with meridian flips - Using SGP, APCC Pro V. and and AP900 mount with CP3 gear.

Last night could not do a meridian flip (around 23:50) or get to a new object (around 3:30 which also required a meridian flip) which I found really odd.

I am not sure if I have mucked up the APCC settings and have these wrong in the meridian tab, but have followed the instructions on the AP video for SGP although I am using an older version of APCC.

Attached are links to two log files - AP ASCOM and SGP and hoping that someone can shed some light to the whole thing for me.

I am not prepared to upgrade to the latest APCC version as there is no need, and in fact I am thinking that I can simply use SGP and the latest V2 driver if that avoids any more conflict between APCC and SGP.

I previously had no issues with meridian flips but the current version of SGP might be the issue.

Clear skies,
John K.


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