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Karen Christen

Wow, that’s gorgeous, Bill.




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I fully reprocessed the data



Much happier with this result. 


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Beautiful.  Would never have guessed this is only 3 hours.  What Bortle scale are these skies?  I’m trying to figure out what’s possible for me in broadband from Bortle 7…

On Jul 3, 2022, at 10:53, Bill Long <bill@...> wrote:

Hi Friends,


While I am trying to step away from backyard imaging, I did some testing of gear the other night and got about 3 hours of data on the Iris Nebula in my LP rats nest of a backyard. 



I used the Mach 2 and my Takahashi Epsilon reflector scope. Unguided with APCC. I used the high gain mode on the camera, so the center star is completely blown out. I was trying to get the dust to pop though, and I think that came out pretty well.


Have a look. I am working on my remote site now, but will from time to time share some of my test data in the yard. 


Take care friends.




Karen Christen

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