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Ray Gralak


You will need to contact the ASCOM group for help with Alpaca usage. The AP V2 ASCOM driver knows nothing about Alpaca.

However, earlier firmware versions of the control box may limit the button rate to 99.999x even though the slew rate can be set to 600x. There is no provision for specifying these separate limits in ASCOM.


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Hi Ray
Thank you
when i move the mount with AP V2 ASCOM in 600, i can see that the move is fast. (its ok)
but with Alpaca in 2.5 the displacement corresponds to a speed 12 in ASCOM

I can't find the correspondence for 2.5 to 600
i use "moveaxis" alpaca command:
api/v1/telescope/0/moveaxis", {'Axis': 0,'Rate': 2.5})

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