M57 from Paris suburbs (first image with my AP900)


  Hello everyone,

here is the first image with my AP900 that I got few weeks ago. There's absolutely nothing to say about the mount, it just works. Flawlessly from the first to the last sub.  The scope is a custom-made carbon 8" f/4 Newtonian astrograph with Romano Zen optics and a 2.5" Wynne corrector. The camera is an ASI183mm with small 2.4µm pixels.

Here is a crop on the nebula and neighbor galaxy, enlarged at 125%


Full image at 100%


I  mixed the luminance and red channels with 40% of H-alpha, in starless mode.

Have a nice day !


Technical data :
200/800 custom Newtonian astrograph with Romano Zen optics and carbon fiber tube
TS 2.5" Riccardi-Wynne corrector
ASI183mm + ZWO LRGB filters
Guiding : ZWO OAG  + ASI120mm mini + AsiairV1
Luminance : 90 *60sec
Chrominance : 20*60sec each channel
H-alpha : 200*60 sec
Darks, flats and synthetic biases
Conditions : Bortle 7 skies in Paris' suburbs (20km from the Eiffel tower),  fair seeing (2" to 2.3" after stacking)
Preprocessing and stacking with Siril, processing with Pixinsight and Rawtherapee


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