Re: Things NOT to do

Chris White

On Mon, Jul 4, 2022 at 04:12 PM, Bill Long wrote:
It wants someone to migrate every piece a gear they have ever used. So for those that have some really old images (even those moved to staging) it is asking you to migrate tons of gear via a very slow and clunky interface.
So far I've been ignoring those emails.....

I'm also annoyed by the revision selection.  If you click on a revision it opens it up in a popup window.  I'm sure all these issues will sort out and in the long run it will be a better product, but for now I just hate it when places go and change things that are already working and make them worse.  Abin's equipment database has been very poor for so many years, that it takes a lot of fixing to sort it out as there are years of inputs that have been done in a poor way. 

Every time I go to buy a pair of shoes just like the pair I wore out they've been discontinued or changed and I have to start over to find a pair that makes my feet happy.  There should be a law against this... 

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