Re: FrankenScope Stage I Step 2

Howard Ritter

Thanks for the tip, Robert, but I’m not sure we have the same tripod. Does yours look like the one in the photos I posted? I only ask because mine uses threaded studs with acorn nuts on both ends, at both ends of the struts – where they connect to the leg and where they connect to the central disk. Also, it would be unusual for someone to have one of these tripods unless, as I did, they had the entire 16” SCT, and I doubt that these beasts come up often on the secondary market.

If you do have the same tripod as mine, how do you manage to use it in the field? It must weigh a hundred pounds, and it’s impossible for me to single-hand it.


On Jul 1, 2022, at 9:51 PM, Robert Berta <biker123@...> wrote:

I have one of those GF Meade tripods for use with my 1100 mount for field use. Works great BUT....there is one danger area to check. The struts that connect at the very bottom to hold the legs in place are held in place with steel drift or roll pins. Those pins really should not be used into aluminum since after moving the legs in and out over time the pins will work their way out and the tripod will collapse and everything goes down $$$.  I removed those roll pins and replaced with steel bolts and Nylok nuts to prevent that. That was about 15 years ago and no issues at all now.  Mine never crashed but I found out the issue when one of my pins had worked its way partially out ....but not quite enough to cause a failure....close call! 

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