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Roland Christen

Since these are not mount cables, it doesn't matter if you sheared them off. The mount would not know. You did not cause any damage to anything. The mount is not delicate. Certainly if the axis meets with any kind of obstruction, the motors will sound louder than normal, but that is fine. They should sound louder since they are experiencing a heavy load. Won't hurt them a bit.


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Despite taking all the precautions for the fist power-up of the barebones 1100GTO-AEL, I end up pinching a though-the-mount power cable in DEC axis as shown. Clutches were as they come form the factory, in all the way but NOT torqued. After the pinching, motor made a loud squeaking sound but came to an end few moments later probably as DEC axis reached it desired end-point. There was NO scope mounted, NO counterweight shaft attached. It was just a dry run of the NEW mount for the fist time. There was no pulling or sheering of the cable; just a depression in the plastic/grooved/felx area of the power cable termination (see pic) where it got stuck between the motor housing and the clutch knob.

Question I have is would it have done any damage to the mount? Or did the loud sound DEC motor made was it working against the un-torqued DEC clutches? I am sure I am not the only one who would have through-the-mount cables hanging like that. I guess lesson learned the hard way. Your insight and technical analysis of the mishap greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Mike


Roland Christen

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