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Jim Fakatselis

Thank you Roland. Mike Hanson responded similarly and I repositioned it to get the blue light on constantly. Hopefully that resolves it. 
I really never saw a red or yellow light come on prior to repositioning it. Tapping it made it change alternately green and blue then completely off I recall.

All is OK for now.

Thank you again.

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 12:24:06 PM EDT, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

It's not a connector issue. It's a spacing issue of the encoder readhead. The readhead has to be spaced very accurately so that it reads the engravings on the encoder ring (which sits under the readhead). The clicking you hear is the Dec motor responding to the encoder correction loop coming on when the readhead puts out the proper signal.

In order for the readhead to produce the proper encoder signal, the light has to be green or blue. If it is yellow, that's marginal, and if it is red, then there will be no signal to the CP4.

You can adjust the spacing of the readhead by loosening the two screws that hold it on, then sliding it back and forth until you get a blue color on the LED. If you cannot get it this way, try placing a thin shim of .002 thou thickness under one end and tightening the screws (piece of Scotch tape or paper will do). Once you get the light to stay green or blue, run the axis around and make sure it works in all Dec positions.


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I own an AP1100GTOAE and just recently I’ve been getting repeated errors on startup that APCC fails to connect to the Dec encoder. If I tap on the small black Dec encoder housing with the small led, it then frequently gets resolved.  The light changes color to match the RA encoder. I can hear some clicking  
I’ve messaged AP about this issue a week ago and was asked to check the Dec encoder connector to make sure it was seated correctly. I removed it and cleaned both ends with DeOxit cleaner but I still get the errors at startup.  Haven’t had it fail after it’s running after resolving though, only after a power up.  
Any help would be appreciated.  

Roland Christen

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