Re: Dithering with NINA and Mach2 #Mach2GTO

Dean Jacobsen

Excellent, here is a post from Juan Conjero - the author of PixInsight - regarding using CFA drizzle for color cameras:

You can set the scale at 2 if your camera is undersampling, otherwise he recommends setting the scale to 1.

You have to set the CFA Drizzle option in the StarAlignment tool and then add the drizzle data to the stack during ImageIntegration.  The "Generate Drizzle Data" box is also selected during ImageIntegration.  Then, lastly, you can run the DrizzleIntegration.

If you are interested in drizzle integration, there are more posts on the PI forum regarding usage.  Here is the too announcement back in 2014 to get you started:

The CFA drizzle is something that I use every time with my color cameras.
Dean Jacobsen
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