Re: Dithering with NINA and Mach2 #Mach2GTO

Richard Hennig

Dear Todd,

I always dither to reduce the noise in the stacked images that come from the slightly different responses of each pixel in the imaging sensor (CCD or CMOS). Also, it helps minimize the effect of dead or hot pixels, which are removed as outliers during stacking dithered images.

All you need to do in NINA is to tell it in the guiding tab how many pixels you like to dither and how often. With the Mach2, I dither every images for longer sub exposures (3 - 10 min) and less frequent for shorter ones. I usually dither by something like 5 pixels.

Clear skies,

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On Jun 28, 2022, at 9:15 AM, midmoastro <teche70@...> wrote:

I have never dithered before, but it appears NINA supports it when connected to PHD2.
Has anyone ever done this with the Mach2 and NINA? Is it really needed, or does it help?


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