Re: [ap-ug] M101 from our light polluted skies

Khushrow Machhi

How long were the subs? Do you need a 190 point model because of the fl?  Would a smaller model, modeled around the object work as well?


On Jun 27, 2022, at 4:20 PM, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

Hi Astronuts,

Had a couple of clear nights last week, enough to shoot some images with our 17" Astrograph using the venerable and old STL11K (I call it the noise maker). With 9 micron pixels it's a great match for the 17" F8 scope. There is about 5 hours of image, stacked and lightly processed in MaximDL, unguided with APCC/APPM modeling. No need to guide any more even with this long focal length.


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