Re: Mach1 tracking issue after meridian flip #ASCOM_V2_Driver #APCC

Roland Christen

Go to our website, technical support for legacy products. Click on Mach1. There are a number of PDFs for checking and setting backlash. There is also a section that covers other things besides mesh, and is covered in this PDF:

This PDF describes both checking the tightness of the retaining nut on the spur gear, and at the bottom mentions tightening the worm end play nut, otherwise known as the worm bearing preload nut. Since this is a bit specialized depending on your version of the mount, it might be best to contact George here at AP during business hours, and he can walk you thru that.


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Thank you, Roland and Ray for thoughtful suggestions. I'm preparing for my next imaging session and will be very busy in the next couple of days (and recovering from long travel and lack of sleep), but I'm definitely taking seriously your suggestions. What should I do to test the end play nut? I never done it before. I'd like to check it when things will be back to normal. I'll also check my previous sessions going through logs to check to see if anything similar happened more than once.



Roland Christen

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