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Roland Christen

Unless you look thru an eyepiece or set the camera on continuous mode at a fast cadence, you will never know what is happening. One cannot trouble shoot from my location here, one can only suggest what could be happening. And yes, if something mechanically is wrong in the mount, such as the end play nut being loose, you can easily have 15 seconds of no movement.

I write stuff in detail so that I can get people to understand more about their mount mechanically. When it comes to software issues, i suggest stuff only reluctantly and rather leave it up to you gurus.


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Hi Roland,

I discounted the possibility of RA backlash because of the 15-second slew settle time after each slew. Is there still a way for that to occur given this set of events Leo said happened?

1. After meridian flip and settle time of 15 seconds, a plate solve was done and it was successful.
2. As part of precision pointing, a slew was issued followed by another 15 second settle timeout.
3. The second plate solve had failed.

The second plate-solve image is what Leo posted. Shouldn't 15 seconds of settle time be enough to take up any RA backlash?


Roland Christen

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