Mach1 tracking issue after meridian flip #ASCOM_V2_Driver #APCC

Leo Shatz

I experienced a strange problem during the last session with Mach-1 and Voyager. After meridian flip and settle time of 15 seconds, a plate solve was done and it was successful. As part of precision pointing, a slew was issued followed by another 15 second settle timeout. The second plate solve had failed. I've inspected the image which caused the plate solve to fail - it was showing that the mount was either slewing or stopped tracking. 
After a minute (60 seconds) the third plate solve was attempted and it failed again. The new plate solve image also showed that the mount still hasn't begun tracking.
That was followed by the Voyager starting a recovery sequence, including unparking, restarting guiding, etc, which was successful. 
I still wonder what went wrong. I can send APCC and Voyager logs for relevant time window, failed plate solve FITs, APCC settings, etc.

I'm using APCC Pro and one of the latest firmware versions of CP4.

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