Re: APCC with Dual chip SBIG (legacy) ST10 camera

Ray Gralak


APCC does not take images. APPM takes images, but only for creating a pointing model, during which time PHD2 should never be


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Subject: [ap-gto] APCC with Dual chip SBIG (legacy) ST10 camera

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if APCC can drive both the guide chip and the main chip
of an SBIG ST10 dual chip camera?
Seems difficult to share one serial-USB link.
For example with NINA I can connect the ST10 main camera, but then a
guiding program like PHD2 cannot connect to the guide chip, neither can
The PHD2 manual mentiones something around dual-chip SBIG camera's by
installing an SGP API guider ASCOM driver, but that doesn't work either.

Maybe it's possible to try with the oldfashioned ST4 cable from the
Camera body to the AP1200GTO mount guider port, even if you already have
a serial link?
(but that feels more complex than required with 2 cables)

Maybe APCC can handle this

Any ideas or suggestions?

Best Regards,

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