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Roland Christen

You also know that the altitude axis has to be set to your latitude, yes? In fact, if you have the proper latitude set on your keypad (or other initialization program), you can start from Park3, send it to Park5 and turn the azimuth screw so that the scope is horizontal. This is the first step in setting the mount to polar alignment in the daytime.


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In that case you have told the CP5 the wrong location information.

To test this, send the mount to Park3, then Park2. If these are correct, and Park1 and 5 are wrong, you have the wrong location in the keypad or whatever program you are using to initialize the mount.

You see, Park3 is a known reference which does not care about location. That's why you should always start there in any troubleshooting scenario. Same with Park2. They will always be correct and you should always start with these axes set to their proper place.

Park 1 , 4 and 5 all use Location data to point to the northern and southern horizon. So if they are off, your location settings are wrong. Logical, yes?


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On Sat, Jun 25, 2022 at 06:19 PM, Roland Christen wrote:
park 3, DEC is not pointing at the pole. 
Loosen the clutches and move the Dec axis manually until it points to the pole.


The problem is, that if I do that... then go to park5, DEC is pointing below the horizon, while APCC and the driver reports that it is pointing at the horizon. 

When you slew the mount, it is moving farther than the software thinks it is...

Roland Christen

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