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Roland Christen

park 3, DEC is not pointing at the pole. 
Loosen the clutches and move the Dec axis manually until it points to the pole.


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i received my 400GTO and this thing sure is a beauty.  What a wonderful little mount!  I'd MUCH rather have this than any of the new harmonic designs. 

My stowaway is out of commission as I need a PP adapter and I've sold my 900GTO in anticipation for the Mach2 delivery so that leaves me with just the 130GTX right now.   I added a CP3 to the mount, updated the CP personality and have successfully connected to APCCPro. 

I put the 130 on it today and did some testing.  The mount slings the 130 around like it weighs nothing. 

I still need to run a PE curve with Pempro and build a model with APCC.  It will be interesting to see how this little mount performs!

One thing that I find a little strange is that DEC seems to be off a little bit.  Example:  If I'm in park position 5, with DEC pointing at altitude zero, and then repark the mount into park 3, DEC is not pointing at the pole.  It's off by a fair bit.  I've checked the time settings, and all looks good.  I'm wondering if there is a setting somewhere that could be causing this, or if there is something a little off between the CP and the mount.    When I do the test above, APCC shows that DEC is pointing directly at the pole, as does the driver. 

Roland Christen

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