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thefamily90 Phillips

I have had trouble with that cable for the Dec axis in the past. Apparently, the person I purchased the mount from was using a cable that was far too short And I had trouble placing the CP3 computer close enough to the Dec access to be able to use it properly. The Dec cable is too short. So, I went to and ordered a Y cable for the 900 mount. Thanks!!


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Ok, will do. Thanks!

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I doubt that anything mechanical is frozen. You may simply have a bad connection to the Dec motor. Check that your cables are firmly plugged in.

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Hello all,
Much to my dismay, after getting up at 4:00 AM to view Jupiter I found the Dec gear was frozen. When using the keypad the scope moved just fine in RA but would not budge N-S. I loosened all knobs on the Dec axis and while I could forcefully move the scope N-S it is clearly frozen or certainly near so. What have I done??? Any thoughts?


Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips

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