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Steve C. Mitchell, Sr., O.D.

Hey Chris,

If you might be interested in a real FrankenScope, how about a Celestron heavy duty tripod with that AP mount and Meade OTA? Came with my CGE Pro which sits here boxed up and nonfunctional due to RA motor or motor card issues. Ought to get rid of it all, just haven’t done anything about it since getting my AP1100 mount; WOW! No comparison to anything Meade or Celestron.

Just saying




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Hi, Chris—


Do you mean you have just the Meade OTA, and that’s why you need to find a tripod? I can’t imagine they’re very plentiful on the used market, unfortunately.


If you get lucky, you’ll be glad to know that the bolt holes in the A-P Flat Surface Adapter nicely avoid the cast structural webs on the underside of the tripod head when the FSA is centered and the N is aligned with one of the legs.


Good hunting!




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LOL! Ironically, I am trying to do the exact same thing. I have a new-from-AP 1600 and a Meade LX200GPS-16. I just need to find another Meade Super Giant Field Tripod for a good deal and get it shipped to Hawaii.

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Well, I couldn’t wait until my son comes over tomorrow. I decided to try it myself, and was thrilled to find that, despite having just turned 77, I could wrangle the components of the 1600GTO onto the tripod by myself and assemble the mount in place.  It looks pretty imposing in the photo, but IRL, when I got it together and stepped back, my reaction was MY GOD THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.


Tomorrow the GTOCP4 and 155EDF go on it and I’ll start to RTFM and exercise the mount. When I think I understand its operation well enough, we’ll disassemble it and reassemble it in the back yard with the legs extended. I’ll probably do some imaging with the 155 first, but then swap it out for why I bought the 1600 instead of the 1100 – the Meade 16” SCT. For that, I definitely WILL need my son!


Thank you, Rolando, Marj, Amber, George, and the whole crew!




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