Re: Power supply through the Mach2 mount to Pegasus Astro UPBv2


I have a Mach2 and a UPBV2.
I am powering the UPBV2 from the “through mount” 12v cable.
Also using the thru-mount USB.

Attached to the UPBV2 12v is a QHY268M, with filterwheel, and two dew heaters. I also use the UPBV2 “motor port” to power a focus motor.

No problems with this setup.

As for XT60 connector — I bought a bag of XT60 connectors off Amazon and made my own cable(s) at the exact length needed for my OTAs. The XT60s require soldering and shrinkwrap. Another way to build the cable is get 2 cables - one with XT60 and another with powerpoles; then cut the two and splice one of each to the other.

I don’t use the Pegasus110v power supply as I am mostly “remote” without power. So I use a Yeti1500x which has 12v power pole output and powers everything on the OTA via the mach2 “thru cable” and UPBV2. (The Yeti has a nice 110v inverter builtin , which I use to power the Mach2 (using the mach2 24v power brick), and also a 110v Mac Mini computer.)
The Yeti is a bit pricey, but it will power everything for a night of imaging with some buffer. And it is about the same size/weight as 1 deep cycle battery (but has something like 4x the capacity.)


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