Power supply through the Mach2 mount to Pegasus Astro UPBv2


Hi folks I have a few questions about power supply via the Mach2

I am thinking of getting a Pegasus Astro Ultimate Powebox (UPBv2), but wanting to attach it via my Mach2's internal cabling as opposed to a dangling cable. Essentially I am trying one of the example setups mentioned in the Mach2 manual page 23. What will get attached to the UPBv2 is a typical setup of cameras/filter wheel/maybe focuser/maybe dew heater.

  1. So this means that the UPBv2's PSU (12v/10A) with XT60 connector is not useful on its own. If anyone here uses the same setup, did you just chop off the XT60 connector from that PSU and install an Anderson Powerpole connector instead to re-utilize that PSU for powering the Mach2 internal? Though I think I would just prefer to get a new PSU and save this one if I ever want to re-sell the UPBv2.
  2. If not that PSU, what PSU do folks use? Any recommendations? I see AP lists this one from Powerwerx. But can I just get away with something simpler like this 12V 20.8A one instead since I don't think I would need a variable PSU? Are there any other readily available PSUs with Anderson Powerpoles that can supply 12v/10-20A which is the recommended input for UPBv2. So that I am not attaching those connectors myself.
  3. What is the wire gauge / ampere rating for the internal cabling in the Mach2? I think I read in another thread it can easily do 15amps, but did not see any upper limits or I missed it.
  4. Likewise what wire gauge should I use for this setup? The Mach2 manual recommends 14 gauge on page 21, but instead recommends 16-18 gauge on page 23 for this setup. I was going to go with 16 AWG since it has higher amp rating but inĀ another thread someone mentioned that accessories might prefer 18 AWG. The distance of the UPBv2 from the dec axis will obviously be very small, so maybe 18AWG will suffice too since it can do 15-20 amps max in short distances. Though this will obviously be limited by the internal cabling of the Mach2 as well as the cabling of the PSU itself to the RA axis input.
  5. Since I will need a custom Anderson Powerpole to XT60 wire for connecting the UPBv2 from the dec axis, where does one get such a custom wire? Powerwerx doesn't seem to have this connector and the only place I could find it was from some random amazon seller.

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