locked Re: Our blinding blaring world

M Hambrick

Of all the things that can be advocated, the one with the highest probability of success would be to try to encourage communities to use shielded light fixtures. This might not reverse the damage that has already been done, but it might be able to stop it from getting worse.

A good example of this is Wimberley Texas. The Texas Hill Country is famous for having some very dark skies, and that is still true in some areas. Wimberley is a wonderful town to visit, and as you drive into town you will see signs posted on the roads claiming that Wimberley is recognized by the International Dark Sky Association as being very dark sky friendly. The city has enacted some pretty strict measures to minimize or reduce light pollution, but it may be too little, too late in their case. If you look at a Bortle map of this part of the state. Wimberley is barely better than a suburban location. 

Now, Roland's and Marj's vacation home in Hawaii (in the upper left quadrant in the bottom screen shot), They have still got some pretty dark skies.  


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