locked Re: Our blinding blaring world

Frank Widmann

I live on the coast half way between LA and the Bay area. The sky is fairly dark particularly out toward the ocean. We are blessed with a perpetual water shortage that has stopped all new development. People who have lived here for a while recognize the connection between the night sky and the beautiful environment. However, there are people who come here because they love the natural beauty, but they bring all the bad habits that destroyed the place they came from from. They are always the ones you see on social media asking how to kill native plants, animals and insects. They are true suburbanites. We have a strong community outreach that raises environmental awareness. I host and participate in astronomy events and post astro images with detailed explanations on local media sites. I’ve seen it turn around people’s thinking. I don’t harp on it, but I regularly point out that streetlights are an atrocity that don’t serve a useful purpose anywhere. They are the creation of utility providers who are trying to balance their generation load and maximize return on investment. They sell street lighting to suckers just like every other crap product. We are raising the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere to unprecedented levels but stupidly persist in creating light pollution. Street lighting and municipal lighting create a pervasive eyesore that reduces resistance to other forms of light pollution to a so what. It’s past time to turn the streetlights everywhere.


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