Re: AP900 CP4 with ASIAIR - need some guidance

Kevin Cook

Hi Dan - I used to use the ASCOM mount driver when I was running SharpCap and PhD2 guiding, but now with the ASIAIR PRO, I just select the AstroPhysics GTO CP3/4 option from the Mount Settings menu.  On the Guide Settings, after a lot of experimentation on my part and helpful suggestions from fellow TAAA astrophotographers (they are drawn to the sound of cursing in the middle of the night at our dark sky site),  I have settled on the following settings (using refractors from 420-834mm in FL, and a 50/200mm guidescope):
  • Calibration Step = 500ms
  • Max DEC Duration = 500ms
  • Max RA Duration = 500s
Those settings are much lower than I would though appropriate, but they seem to work pretty well with my setup.  I do wish ZWO would incorporate something akin to PhD2's Guiding Assistant to help dial those parameters in more precisely.  If all else fails and your system repeatedly goes nuts on Polar Alignment, GoTo, or guiding operations, try un-installing the ASIAIR app from your tablet and then re-installing the app.  That was necessary for me once, and it worked (this was another helpful suggestion from a friend who is a beta tester for ZWO.

Hope that helps.   Kevin

On Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 7:19 AM Dan_Paris <danysra@...> wrote:
  Hi Kevin,

thanks for the tip! It solved the first problem (polar align works perfectly now), but I still have problems to calibrate autoguiding. When reversing directions the motion is far too large.

Which mount driver do you use ? So far I have only used AP CP3/CP4.

best regards,


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