Re: FrankenScope Stage I Step 3

Howard Ritter

Ha, no, although I do sometimes call her “Little Miss Muscles“, because as a French bulldog, she really is a little bundle of muscles in her legs. The “Mr. Muscles“ I was talking about is my burly son, whom I can always count on when my no longer youthful strength won’t get the job done.

— howard 

On Jun 7, 2022, at 21:25, Benoit Schillings <benoit.schillings@...> wrote:

the dog name is mr muscles ?

- -benoit

On Tue, Jun 7, 2022 at 4:04 PM Harley Davidson <astrocnc@...> wrote:
That's a beast of a setup Howard.


On 6/7/2022 3:27 PM, Howard Ritter via wrote:
I love it when a plan comes together!

I wanted to see how a completed FrankenScope would look, so here’s a version with body parts from 3 different lines from 2 different mfrs. that were never meant to go together: Meade tripod, Astro-Physics 155 EDF, and between them a highly under-utilized A-P 1600GTO mount that’s way above the pay grade of the OTA (and mine, for that matter). Inspection is being carried out by the First Deputy to the Plant Manager, who’s out shopping today.

Stage I Step 4 will be the Meade 16” OTA instead of the refractor. I paused the project here primarily for the purpose of becoming familiar with the mount in the comfort of my living room, since the 16” OTA is waaaay too heavy to be swapping it on & off the mount. It’ll go on once Mr Muscles has helped me get the mount & tripod relocated to the patio.

Stage II would be the fully realized FrankenScope, a PW 17 replacing the Meade 16 – highly notional at this point! 


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