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Peter Santangeli

Yup. I get that. I just hit this noise situation after adjusting the worms for backlash.

I think I figured it out though. The worm adjustment was too tight. When I loosened it up a bit (by turning the spur with the worm lock slightly loosened) the noise went away.


On Tue, Jun 7, 2022 at 6:34 PM Roland Christen via <> wrote:
Guiding and slewing are two different things. When slewing back and forth, the RA motor does reverse direction. But that has zero to do with guiding.

When guiding, the RA motor simply slows down or speeds up slightly, which in turn causes the guide star to move either forward or backward on the crosshair. Guiding never reverses the RA motor. Guiding is never done at slew speeds.


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I've been trying to isolate some issues guiding my C11 on AP900 that look like might be backlash (strangely... in RA).

I just re-seated my RA worm (I did this 5 or so years ago). 

I just noticed that when I reverse directions at maximum slewing speed, there is a significant sounding 'knock' from the gear box. I don't remember this before, but maybe I'm just paranoid. 

Should this be quiet or is a noise on reversal ok?


Roland Christen

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