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I use sky safari in AR mode (augmented reality) where it uses the phone camera to show the physical scene overlayed with the star map.   I just hold the phone where the telescope is setup, and point the camera to area of the sky I’m interested in…

Then I fast-forward the time selector to see when the object is occulted but trees (in my case). 

I never thought I’d have a use for that AR button in SkySafari… but this is it… daytime planning with limited horizons.  

Here’s a pic of a tree blocking Polaris that I used to show the tree trimmers what needed trimming.   The sky chart is dimmed heavily here because I didn’t want to confuse the tree trimmers, but still wanted a reference.  The opacity is adjustable.  


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Not sure that you understand. Just advance the time of your planetarium program and look at the planetarium map to see when the object is far enough west.


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I tried that last night but the scope's altitude and az did not change even though I know it crosses the meridien at 5am, which is too close to sunrise.


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