Re: APCC fast what if

On Wed, Jun 1, 2022 at 12:47 PM, Shailesh Trivedi wrote:
Is there a way to find out via APCC or some other means when my scope on AP1100 will clear my house (that is what time in the wee hours of the morning) so I can program a start time in SGPro?
Slew to the DEC involved in the daytime and a RA that puts you above the house, and take images slewing east until the house occludes, that gives you the altitude of the house.  Probably add 5 degrees or so to prevent edge/heat effects from having an impact, and set SGP to not start until target rises above that altitude (which you can read off APCC).  That's assuming SCP does that kind of thing, NINA does, I don't speak SGP.  Or if it has the ability to enter a custom horizon you can use that as the house horizon altitude.  Altitude/Horizons are absolute and won't change night to night, but if you need a time of day, Telescopius has a pretty good readout for altitude vs time.

Maybe it's a florida thing (hotter here) but I find I need to get pretty far above the roof (concrete tiles in my case) before seeing settles down, I think rising heat from the daytime sun. 

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