Re: APCC Pro model details #APCC

Ray Gralak

Hi Ross,

On this subject, for an observatory mounted Mach2 how often must I
generate a new model? I would expect to have to do this whenever I
changed OTA's but is the model sensitive to temperature, humidity, or
things like precession?
For the greatest accuracy, you should be using a device (e.g. MgBoxV2) that captures temperature, pressure, and humidity. APCC will use this real-time data for calculating refraction both during an APPM run and later when using the model. That said, large changes in temperature can affect the flexure of equipment, which can affect the values of pointing terms. There can also be settling of the ground around an instrument that can cause slight changes in polar alignment.

When you start to see errors in tracking or increasing pointing errors, it may be time to create a new model. APPM has a "Verify" option, which you can use to check the model's accuracy. A verify run measures pointing errors with the current model running instead of acquiring data for a new model. You can use far fewer points than you might have in your model, so it can take less time than creating a full model.


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